Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#11 A thing about LibraryThing

Do you love books? Working in a library, there's a good chance you do. And, like me, you probably appreciate a sense of order to your world. Regardless, though, unless you're a professional cataloger, you probably think the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and the Dewey Decimal System are pretty arcane. When was the last time someone asked you for the books on "celestial mechanics" or "fossil cold-blooded vertebrates"? If you agree, then LibraryThing just might be for you! This online tool lets you build a library catalog of all the books you own; no cataloging knowledge required! You can describe your books any way you want so you can find them (and lots of other books like them) later using tags. And best of all, LibraryThing lets you connect with a world of readers who have similar libraries and reading tastes to yours. It's the perfect combination of reading and social networking!

Discovery Resources:
Discovery Exercise:
  1. Take a look around LibraryThing and create an account.
  2. Add at least 5 books to your library.
  3. Blog about your findings and be sure to link to your LibraryThing catalog.
And have fun!